Super Power Saturday - Microsoft Paddington, London 08 Feb 2020

It was an amazing weekend and my first community event at Microsoft Paddington, London.

I managed to attend 6 sessions during the event, the highlights of the sessions summarized below:

Power platform adoption framework – Andrew Welch and Manuela Pichler

What was the session about: Adoption of power platform to enterprise level users and enterprise level architecture.

My takeaways:

  • Redefined agile way of adopting power platform with an enterprise: Quick start>Build>Deployment and governance

  • Quick start with a get to value mind set is important while identifying use cases that positively impact business process but which are not mission critical.

  • Segmentation of power platform workload into “Critical”, “Important”, “Productivity” and engaging citizen developers to develop low code no code power platform solutions to create quick get to value success

  • Segregation of work between Citizen developers vs Power platform developer

  • Very important to define power platform governance model within the enterprise architecture from the beginning to get it right.

  • Providing support to Citizen developers by creating center of excellence and organizing knowledge sharing sessions and success stories.

Power apps 101 – Kieth Whatling

What was the session about: Creating the “Hello world” application, information about some of the myths about power apps.

My takeaways:

  • Power apps is a low cost, no time and expense way of creating application connecting data from all business applications of the enterprise.

  • Authentication and access secured via Azure active directory

  • Very important aspect is to define the data governance policies of the data source.

  • Data leakage policies needs to be implemented at the beginning stage of power app architecture design

  • Power apps is similar to Excel to define business logic and to Powerpoint for defining UI/UX

Transform your workplace collaboration with teams – Stuart Ridout

What was the session about: Teams and its cool features

My takeaways:

  • Teams bot templates for HR support, Ice breaker, Expert finder, Book a room, Scum status

  • Notification setting on desktop and mobile application

  • Blurring background (Custom backgrounds coming soon!) and transcription of teams meeting recordings

Integration using function apps – Ehsaan Asmi

What was the session about: How using function apps along with logic apps can support architectural complexity for different integration scenarios on azure and power platform.

This was one of the most in demand sessions I went to. Since I am not a technical expert myself, I would say the large number of people at the session spoke for itself :-)

Zero to Hero with Power BI – Mark Wilcock

What was the session about: step by step explanation of how to go about becoming a Power BI expert from a beginner phase. Mark shared all the resources necessary for this.

My takeaways:

  • 5 minutes to wow!!! – That’s what Power BI is all about

  • It is completely free to learn and publish Power BI dashboard but will need license to share it.

  • The side effect of learning Power BI is that it improves data literacy skills.

  • The session was great with Mark walking us through all the content and the plan to go about self-learning and all various community events that can be of support.

  • I particularly liked the Decomposition tree demo.

Using variables to create personalized and powerful forms pro – Megan V Walker

What was the session about: Dynamically generating surveys based on response variables from the respondents.

My takeaways:

  • It was a combination of power automate and forms pro functionality deep dive.

  • I liked the survey about super heroes to explain the dynamic functionality of using variables in forms pro

  • Looking forward reading Megan’s blog and trying out some of this.

Understanding power platform licensing – Mario and Chris

What was the session about: Fun, songs and an amazing way of explaining the most critical aspects of power platform licensing and latest changes

My takeaways:

  • I have to admit that it is best to go through the slides of this session to understand it more. But it was a great session at the end of the day done with the as much simplicity as possible to go through the most complex topics.

Looking forward to exploring all the learning in the coming period and also attending the next community event!!!


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