D365HR - wat's new? - Leave and absence features part 2

Further to the announcement of an agreement to license the leave and absence capabilities from FourVision earlier this year, there has been a constant release of new features to enhance and make the functionality better.

The latest announcements in this area includes the below:

General availability features (Production environments)

Leave and absence accrual suspension

  • Leave accruals can be manually suspended for a certain duration or automatically suspended when a leave of absence request is submitted. This helps to minimize (and potentially eliminate) manual workarounds in scenarios where an employee鈥檚 leave accruals should be suspended when they are out on long term leave.

Leave carry forward rules

  • Carry forward balances can be transferred to a different leave type for better tracking. Customers can also configure if and when a carry forward balance should expire. Expiry rules are a regulatory requirement in many western European countries.

Balance adjustment reason code and comment

  • Customers can now include a reason code and comment along with any balance adjustments made to an employee鈥檚 leave balance. This provides more information and better auditability for HR professionals.

Public preview features (Sandbox environments)

Buy and sell leave (Waiting for this one 馃槉)

  • With this feature, customers will be able to configure buy leave policies and employees will be able to submit buy leave requests. For customers with this scenario today, it鈥檚 a manual and cumbersome process outside of the application.

Leave accrual for a single company or single plan

  • With this feature, customers will be able to process accruals for a single company or a single leave and absence plan. For customers with differing leave years or leave accrual policies, having the ability to run these processes separately provides clarify into the accrual process.

Update time off enhancements

  • Adding attachments to approved leave requests has become critical in the current COVID-19 environment. Employees can now add these attachments along with have more insight into how updates are made to leave requests.

Explore the official documentation related to this on Microsoft docs.

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