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Translation of critical HR fields - Field value translations (Not labels)

Translation requirement from a HR standpoint:

Position name: "HR Assistant" in English-GB and "HR medewerker" in Dutch-NL
When the user switches the language from user options the values are changed based on the language as well
The requirement is to have the values translated (Drop down lists/free text names etc) and not just the labels on the UI, which is supported on Talent already.

PS: This functionality sort of coincides with Product description translation functionality available in D365 for F&O

Standard Analytics on all workspaces - Secure by Legal entity on all roles except System Administrator

All the standard analytics are secured by Legal entity for all standard security roles except for the System administrator role. This will limit the functionality of using for example a HR Manager role to have a global view of the standard analytics including the data from all legal entities.

Either a new reporting role needs to be created and align the reports accordingly or the solution design show have a capability to toggle between all legal entity aggregated data view and specific legal entity data view on the analytics.

Position FTE greater than 1 validation

At the moment Talent allows us to have a FTE value greater than 1 on the position definition. It will be good to have a validation parameter to allow positions to have FTE more than one or not.

The same functionality from the perspective of employee position assignment already exists where a validation check pop up screen appears rechecking if we want to continue with the transaction or not.

It will be good have a similar validation when the HR user enters a value more than 1 on the FTE of a position

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