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Kamal Radhakrishnaiah

I am a father of a girl who knows what she wants at the age of 1 and husband of a woman who will always know everything about me. I am an Indian by birth living in The Netherlands. I like to read books, go on drives, watch movies, swimming (I am still learning!), hang out and discuss about technology, entrepreneurship, parenting, team work, and most importantly Human resources.

I work as a HRIS consultant by profession supporting customers define HR processes with operational business in mind and align these processes with IT solutions to balance both aspects and get the best value for business efficiency. I love what I do because I am able to solve business challenges and work closely with customers building long term relationships. Also, it is a constant learning process that exposes me to different business scenarios every time I meet a new customer and in a new industry.

I am passionate about knowledge sharing and have always wanted to write. So this is my place to share my learning from HR transformation projects and implementing HRIS solutions.

Let me know if you like something I write or better if you want to share some constructive criticism. I am happy to learn something new and believe there is always room for improvement!


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I am working for FourVision - Microsoft partner of the year for Dynamics 365 for Talent 2019. Please feel free to explore more details on the company website
My specializations in the role of Lead consultant include the following


HRIS Process and Strategy Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent implementation

HRIS User Adoption and Change management

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